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Corals getting bleached in Gulf of Mannar due to rise in sea temperature !! photo courtesy:hindu.com

CO2 from power plants and other industrial factories are earth destroying...
expansion plan - 1000 mw NLC-TNEB
1600mw super critical power plant@udangudi near Tuticorin
Coastal Energen. proposed - 2x600MW coal power plant
Public hearing at ottapidaram near tuti for proposed coal based power plant
Ind Bharat 2x120MW plant, shifted from Karwar
Plan to implement a power plant @ hare Island.
Madras Cements and Dubai based Oil&Coal Company has shown expression of Interest
1000MW power plant produces about 6 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per Year.

Hare Island - Tuticorin
Silver Jubliee beach - Pearl Beach !! Opposite to Caldwell School...work just started...


Welcome to Tuticorin ,a Port Town in S.India. You'll find everything about Historical Tuticorin, places to visit in & around Tuti, Industries situated around Tuti and Bed and Breakfast information for a visitor like you.

Tuticorin was famous for its pearl culture and so it is also been called as "Pearl City" , "Muthu Nagar" in Tamil (a language spoken in S.India)S


DIAL - "108" for emergency service

Proposed Thermal Power plants @ Tuticorin
(i) 1000MW NLC-TNEB.Production by 2010
(ii) Coastel Energen - 1200MW (provision to expand till 4000MW) - by 2012
Madras Cements and Dubhai based Oil&Coal company has shown interest to set up a coal fire plant @ Hare Island

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